Longman Sportsoft was founded by Professor Li Zhiwen(Longman) and has developed information systems for projects such as handball, boxing, and football. A lot of time and effort were invested in the handball event, and extraordinary achievements were also achieved.

Longman proposed the concept of the Pictorial Handball Match Statistics (PHMS) system in 1995. The bottom layer utilizes a specially designed electronic court to intelligently determine the classification of shots, and the operation interface intuitively reflects the technical movements on the field through graphical means.

In 1996, PHMS was first applied to the Asian Women's Youth Championship held in Chengdu, marking the beginning of a 24 year service history for the Chinese Handball Association. In 2000, PHMS participated in the official system bidding held at the headquarters of the Swiss International Handball Federation (IHF), defeated strong opponents, and became the official system of the IHF, starting to fully participate in the technical support work of all official matches of the International Handball Federation. In 2003, due to the outbreak of SARS in China, starting from the middle of the year, the service to the IHF was suspended. From 2009 to 2018, we resumed providing technical support services for the IHF competitions, including the Junior, Youth World Championship and the IHF Super Globe. Currently, there is also the Asian Handball Federation and non Handball Federation using PHMS.

In 2005, Longman led the development of the Scoreboard Information System (SIS) for handball competitions, which is a professional timing and scoring system for handball based on the large screen of the gymnasium. In the same year, SIS was used at the 10th National Games, beginning a 17 year service history for the Chinese Handball Association. The SIS system has been used in many major international competitions, such as the World Championships, World Junior Championships, IHF Super Globe, Asian Games, and Pan American Games.

Starting from 2024, we will gradually launch a comprehensive solution for handball informatization and rename all software as the Longman Handball series software. We are committed to providing information technology support for the development of handball and offering free information technology solutions to grassroots communities. I hope everyone can provide valuable feedback and contribute to the development of handball together.

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