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The 14th East Asian Handball Club Championship(F)

No. Date Time Team Score Status PTime DownLoad

Status: H1=First Half  H2=Second Half  O1=First Over Time  O2=Second Over Time  7m=Penalty Throw  E=End of Match
Status: H1=上半时  H2=下半时  O1=决胜期一  O2=决胜期二  7m=七米球  E=比赛结束
PTime: Played Time
PTime: 比赛进行时间
Download: MTR=Match Result  PbP=Play by Play  OMR=Official Match Report  FTR=Full Time Report
Download: FTR=图式表 MTR=媒体表 PbP=进程表 OMR=记录表

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